Roger Means
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Service offered

Basic Obedience on leash
Sit /Sit Stay
Down/Down Stay
Also not jumping on people



About roveldeco

Roveldeco is owned and operated by Roger Means.  Reveldeco was started in 1993 and has trained dogs of all breeds medium to large.

Please note that we do not do small dogs due to our kennel set up. Roger has more than 25 years experience training canines in obedience training  and has also been an Accelerant K-9 handler and trainer since 1994.

The center has had many repeated customers over the years and they are glad to refer friends to our kennel who have dogs that need basic obedience, so the dogs can be enjoyed by their owners and family. While at our training center for our basic four week class we also work on problems like jumping on people and dog aggression. We come to your home for problems only observed at home at no extra charge if your dog has been through our in house four week class.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to Roger Means regarding training, please e-mail him at or call him at (864) 439-1074


"Roger, Thank you for all you did with Charger. He is doing great, big change in his obedience. Thanks." Allison and Johnny

"Roger, Rocky doing good with his training, we just got to get my Grandmother to do the commands with him. Thanks." Chad

"Roger, General Lee my Boxer is doing great. He is just another one to add to my pack like the other two Boxers you trained for me. I sent you a customer also. Thanks." Melvin

"Roger, Abby is just a smart Golden. She does her commands when we do as showed and if we get my husband to do as you showed us, think we be fine. We need to work on our pack leader skills. You did a wonderful job with her.  Thanks." Hazel

"Roger, Thank you for your help with our two labs. We have had no problems with them and the training they received at Roveldeco. The brothers do well and are more fun with family now that we can walk them in neighborhood without them pulling and out of control. Thanks." Jeff